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Flat Earth
Paper love folded to shape pretentious hearts,
torn between wants and needs.
Filtered facades, upside down frowns,
choreographed happiness-
        f    r  a
        m  e  d            
Circles of white lies-family, friends
false promises, tying loose ends.
Desperate kindness, string of sweet nothings
all of it screaming every letter of A
Failed attempts to subtract the negative
And chasing dreams, barefoot.
"making" , "buying", "selling" love
Measuring the real, believing in the surreal
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 0 4
Just Another Love Poem
I am dying every second I live.
I can't help it you know.
Why? The night is young and so am I.
Will you take me by my hand to the starry skies?

Across the sheen of the silver moons.
Across the sparkle of the anxious water
Where blossoms my fire.
My love for you.
Petals of purple
that lead me naïve.
A dance of shadows that come alive
Like light from oblivion
I want to save the bright.
Let's get drenched in moonlight,
you and I

Let me never leave your side.
Nor you mine.
Let's look forward to sun-kissed tomorrows
And passions just as bright.

The sheen that fades never
The lily that never wilts.
But births in those waters murky
Love it holds uncanny.
So different it is yet the most beautiful
Like mismatched lyrics of an unsung song

A lullaby with the sweetest tones
That takes us to those
unending nights
Awake for now and ever
Midnight rhythm to infinite love.

Or so I hoped
for I die every second I live.
Every moment
I breathe.
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 5 3
Clouded Skies
Sammy was a bolt of lightning across the field.
And the crowd, thundered with applause.
The girls showered over this blonde boy
wrapped in gold and silver.
But one night between curiosity and allusion,
they saw him tip toe the silent love
...of another man.
gossip widened and thoughts narrowed down.
He didn't run, he tripped over judgement.
He wasn't feeling the weight of his past victories,
he was feeling the weight of their words-the insults.
He was now wrapped not in medals, but in labels.
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 10 18
Happily Ever After...
Just when the skies start covering up its stars,
Just when diaries yellow out of negligence,
Just when ambiguity loses its audience,
She will count imaginary stars.
She will ink her heart on those pages,
And she will tell the world that abstract is real
Fantasy is magic and poetry is air.
With people like her, voicing art,
There will not be a period, rather,
ellipses that follow, “Happily ever after”
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 6 6
Midnight Orchestra
Under the spotlight of the moon,
They traced constellations on the ground.
Mirroring the flight of the heavens divine
Heartbeats synchronized in still standing time
Poetry echoed in a sky full of dreams.
A rush of blood-A mute pause;
two breaths held for an undecipherable cause

But their feet didn't stop and they danced on,
leaving the rest of the story, to be inked by the stars.
A quanta of solace was all they had
No men, no women, nor blazing cars.

Their conversation was now composed in music bars;
The silent symphony of Venus and Mars.
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 23 16
Don't become an artist
For you will look at love as abstract art.
You will look at the sky as a canvas to paint your heart
Feel raindrops ink your skin with poetry.
You will draw curves out of straight lines
You will make sense out of slant rhyme
Call empty space, a place to contemplate
And fill walls with kaleidoscope memories
You will inject beats in your veins
And get high on good music
You will dance to the pitter-patter of rain
and sing of melancholy and pain
You will taste ink in your first kiss
After which, you’ll ask the weirdest questions.
You will make a carbon copy of the intellectual conversations
You had on your first date.
You will see depth in his eyes
Depth, you’re ready to fall into.
You will love his every word-Truth or lies
For you will be a victim to metaphors and similies.
You will live in your tiny world of stories
And when someone out there, outside your own bubble
Of profound thoughts and fantasies
Share the same story, you let them write yours too.
You let them read your
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 75 44
Caped Crusader by MissTsukii Caped Crusader :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 72 31 The Killing Joke by MissTsukii The Killing Joke :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 59 19 The Killing Joke WIP by MissTsukii The Killing Joke WIP :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 21 3
Gold of sunshine in her hair.
Hidden, her facade, most wondrous fair.
And her lips that shame the red red rose kiss the ground.
Her eyes go blind, engulfed in despair...
This vengeance in slumber is proper,
when shunned, witches do what they wish.
So why do you tell me "awaken",
when Dreamland doth offer such bliss

For once upon a dream is just that a dream
A placebo to fight the tempest cast upon my soul.
love, freedom, everything else in between, is but a stream
in this river of life, that i'd rather live as a peasant girl.
She saith that a hero must hearken,
so why not we linger for him?
Let's wait for our knight to retrieve us,
and meanwhile we'll drift off within.

My Knight, my prince...he is my dream, the centre of it.
His touch hypnotizing, His kiss too good to be real, cosmic.
Together, we would traverse the lands of passion, bit by bit...
...But I wonder, in reality, would I be his pick?
Come walk in the Palace of Waning,
this life will be l
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 9 24
Smile! by MissTsukii Smile! :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 144 49
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is gay
Well, It isn’t straight for sure.
And it is looked upon
with great pride and wonder.
So what if I say,
the Leaning Tower of Pisa is gay.
Will it not be among the
Seven Wonders anymore?
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 9 23
I walked in my room dripping in gold
A ruby carpet led me in;
In my hands, the ultimate treasure I hold.
Its pleasure, someone told,
in no measure can it be sold.
But I just bought it. Now I sit on my throne
Tasting beads of emerald,
drinking diamonds- Still,sparkling and cold.
Embedded with crystals, my tongue I fold;
As if feeding divine honor into my soul.
They’re all decorated on a platinum plate,
must be fate
Because unlike rich men,
I die with the riches inside of me.
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 19 32
Dear Mother,
Limitless skies in the North,
overlapped by overwhelming kindness.
Down below,the ocean of patience and care;
Forever there…
Love shining in the the East,
and Tender touch of council
ensuring the rest in the South.
And indelible truth and hope enveloping the West.
A living being could ask for nothing more.
For all you give, and nothing that you take,
For all the sacrifices you make
and for all that you put in stake.
Between dreams and reality,
I avail my imagination
to express my never dying gratitude.
For you, dear mother, are, my World.
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 14 14
Fairy tales
The space between the clouds in the sky is slant rhyme.
But the sky is a parched paper like this sheet of sand
on which I try to make poetry of things that were once mine.
The cheer of a chuckle, the joy of the rain, trickle, on my cheek, it’s all gone.
Now it’s acid. Falling on my skin, burning memories of me and her
dancing, feet tapping, hands clapping. But it’s time I face it.
My hand fitting perfectly in his,
my lips giving shape to an eternal kiss,
my mind swinging in bliss,
as I taste the waters of the fountain of youth
Spending time on a little tête-à-tête in a phone booth.
No. For a gentleman, I get a man in a shallow suit.
And time? It’s just a countdown to a ticking bomb.
Reading-such a pleasure; knowledge-A treasure.
Can’t be bought, can’t be sold
I wonder if I forgot the things we get in exchange for gold.
But now I stand, letting my eyes take o
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 8 16
Dreams by MissTsukii Dreams :iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 58 21


WOW!! I'm writing a critique on Eddie-san's artwork!!!!! *VERY EXCITED* Okay, all the anxiety and the feeling of awesomeness aside, lemme put on the glasses and enable the critique mode. I'll be adding a few things to the comment i posted. What Meets The Eye: The first thing that meets the eye in th...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they say, but my friend, honestly, This is beauty to anyone's eyes! So this is how my mind processed this painting so i'll word it that way too. (well it exploded at first but i'll talk about what it processed after it got itself together in one piece ) The Co...




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